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Hello All!
My name is Jake and I am a real estate investor out of the Olympia, Washington Area. I am currently looking at properties in Thurston County, Lewis County, Pierce County, Mason County, and Grays Harbor County. There is some appealing cash flow in Grays Harbor County (Brandon Turner's neck of the woods) for value add buy and hold investing, but this is also a bit outside of my immediate range and would feel a lot more comfortable investing in that county with a solid property management company to lean on. I am doing some research on management in the area and I see some promise from a group called Grays Harbor Property Management. Does anyone have any first or second hand experience with this company or does anyone have any other suggestions for property management in that county?

I appreciate everyone's input.


Jake DeAtley 

@Jake DeAtley

Hello Jake, Welcome to BP.

I don't know anything about the property management company you are seeking information on however I would like to invite you to our Olympia REI meeting next Tuesday night, April 17th from 6 PM to 9 PM, at Rambling Jacks on 4th Ave in Olympia WA. We have a dinner meeting there every third Tuesday of the month. We enjoy food and do deals. Last month was a rocking meeting from a few thousand dollar deals to one person offering a million dollar deal.

So please come on down and join us and let us know what you are looking for and let us see if we can help you.

Thanks Naomi! I actually attended the last meeting and really enjoyed it. I have already signed up as my brothers +1 on I will ask this question there as well. See you then! 

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