Property management classes/courses in Michigan

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HI i am a newbie based in Detroit Michigan, I'm looking for insight on good property managing classes that'll help me to learn about what i need to know paperwork wise. I'm just trying to do my best an learn about Michigan do's and don'ts as a landlord/property manager. I've used Google for a few things but i said let me go check with my people on BP. Someone here has or is going through my struggles. If you have any info please be kind enough to direct message me an I'll do my part an try to be some help to you if not now but one day. I truly appreciate anyone with some help pointing me towards a class or willing to chat an walk me through the list of things to acquire. 


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if you do it for others you need to be a broker or work under one who will allow it. If you are doing it for yourself as an investor then network with other investors or join a local investor group 

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