LVP Flooring brand/models people are happy with for rental units?

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We are considering LVP for a new rental unit build out. There are many brands out there, curious if there are any we should avoid or use? We are looking for affordable but not the cheapest quality. Something that will last. 


Lumber liquidators and Costco have the best value for LVP.   There's no reason to get spendy on brands.

@Mike S. Thanks for the tip. Do you have experience with any of their specific products?

Yes, the 5mm LVP is great. 50 year warranty. Easy install.

We did the Lowes Lifeproof....a little more expensive than some, but pretty thick, good underlayment....long warranty.

I used the cheap stuff from HD, Allure. I usually use the tile version for the bathrooms. On our 2 latest renovations we shifted things around to allow for an open floor plan from the kitchen to the living room. As such we wanted to try out vinyl throughout.

What a dream to work with- a knife and a Roberts cutter. I did the bulk of 1500 sq ft in 2 days by myself. 

Mind you this stuff is not as thick as the others- but it adheres to each  joining plank while still floating- and that is what I want. And it is $1 a square foot cheaper with a 25 year warranty.

Floors in the first shot are covered in sheet rock dust. Hopefully getting counters in this Sunday- will post another pic after. (Khaki Oak)

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