Memphis and Little Rock Property management

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I'm taking a trip this week to Memphis and Little Rock to look at a couple houses and to meet property management to make sure that Memphis and/or Little Rock is the place for me to invest. (also it's the world BBQ championships as well) I'm looking for good a property management team to manage the properties as well as possible coordinate the rehabs/cosmetic improvements. 

Obviously this will also involve a contractor and realtors but I think the property management team is most critical. While I may be competing with some Memphis and Little Rock investors, Those that know the area, If you could be kind enough to recommend the best I'll try and send good Karma your way! 

I realize that turn key would be easier but obviously would increase the costs and decrease my education as well. 

Thank you for any help you can provide.

@Joel Brown for Memphis i would contact @Alex Craig owner of CB Properties of Memphis, is a Property Management company that provides the in-house property management services for Memphis Turnkey. 

I visited with them last year and were very impressed. few friends work with them and are very happy. 

In Little Rock i can recommend The Hoffman team, run by Jamie Hoffman. feel free to PM me if you want is contact details.