Property management software

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@Sandy Hu from what I have seen all of the self management software charges 3%-4% for rent collection fees.  I find it better to just pay the 8% to a Property Manager and get full time management.  A lot of work to save 4%

There are more than a few free options, depending on the features you need. If you aren't looking to manage a huge portfolio, I'd recommend looking into Cozy (free) TenantCloud (free, I believe?) or Roof, which is what I use. 

Roof actually charges $2/transaction, but you can use it for free if you'd like by configuring it to charge your tenants the $2 instead of you. Personally, I pay the $2/transaction myself so my tenants don't have to, and they seem to appreciate it.

I am a property manager with extensive experience with Buildium and Propertyware. Both of those cost money.

However, I tested TenantCloud for a client of mine and was pretty impressed with the capabilities and ease of use. The free version lets you use it for up to 75 rentals but does not include online payments. The paid version is only $10 a month and includes online payments and up to 150 units. That's well worth the price.