Tips for pre-end of month notice to vacate?

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When giving a notice to be out before end of month,

do you request a prorated partial month’s rent for that final month? I’m in MN.


I closed on my duplex and will keep one tenant, Gave notice to one who had issues. Closing was late in day on 31st which was deadline for delivering notice. I posted on her door and she stated she didn’t see it till the 1st which was too late. Discussed with her that this may or may not hold up as an objection and asked what we could agree on. She said she would be extremely difficult to find  a new place in the next 26 days with the weekend. I suggested that even though we could potentially stick to the original notice but I’d be OK if she could be out the last weekend of July. (This is a difficult deadline). She said she would be out sooner if she could find a place sooner.

I’m sending the new notice tomorrow but wondering about partial month payment.