Tenant paying rent on the 15th okay?

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I have a tenant that would like to pay the rent on the 15th of every month. They are about to move into the property and are most likely asking because we require a full month's rent as a deposit as well as a pet-deposit. On top of the first month's rent  - that can be a lot at one time.

Is it okay to accept rent on the 15th of every month? Personally, I do not have a problem with it, however, most of what I have read is that this is a bad sign and that rent should always be paid on the first of every month? Any insight will be helpful. Thank you.

It makes it kinda hard to scale when you grow a portfolio keeping track of who pays when and if they paid . You are correct it is a bad sign . If you only have one or two houses in your portfolio and the guy seems legit it may work out fine for you . Usually this a sign the potential tenant is living week to week and has no savings or money management ability