Tenant Screening Software recommendations for New Landlord

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Hello BP fam,

I am looking to rent out my first investment property and I am getting nervous about screening tenants. I only have one single family home and I was looking for suggestions on Tenant Screening software/sites?

@Isaac Stallworth I have used https://www.mysmartmove.com/ to facilitate the credit/eviction portion of the tenant screening process. It was easy for a prospective tenants to use and it allowed me to avoid having to collect an application fee myself. 

If you only plan to own 1 or 2 investment properties, then I’d suggest company like Cozy. However, if you plan to grow your investment portfolio on a larger scale, I’d suggest starting out with a full fledged property management software like Buildium. 

With that said, understand that these PM software companies aren’t cheap and it may seem like it’s not worth it if you only have 1 property. However, in my opinion, it’s best to learn the software when you’re only dealing with a small portfolio than when you’re dealing with a larger one. Not to mention the fact that it makes life so much easier from a management stand point.

If the cost of the software seems burdensome, let that motivate you to acquire more properties :-)