Free lawn mowing at multi-family property

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This weekend we had a tenant at our 4 plex call because an outlet wasn't working.  We stopped by, replaced the new but defective outlet, and found out that our neighbor has been mowing the lawn for free.  Also found out that one of the tenants we inherited has been picking up sticks in the yard, etc.  Was wondering why I hadn't gotten a mowing bill for that place from my mowing guy!

The tenant we talked to said that the neighbor likes that the property is in good shape now and likes the tenants so wanted to help out.  Not sure if I should stop by, thank him and say he doesn't need to or just let it keep going.  

I have a few properties consolidated within a few blocks so the risk of my mowing guy not checking on this property is close to zero.  We always keep things in pretty good shape and now we have a little return on that investment by saving $80 per month.

Stop by and  thank the neighbor and see where it goes from there. You do not want this to go unnoticed or take it for granted. The guy also probably will go on vacation sometime too.

@Colleen F. that is my plan right now, we leave town on Monday and will stop by when we get back.  

We work on many renovations and have made a lot of happy neighbors over the years fixing up the crappy house on the block.  This place was a mess when we bought it but most of the exterior was just up-keep.  This guy has a rider for his small SF lot so maybe that is part of the reason he is helping also.

The neighbor next to one of our duplexes does the same thing. They are a retired couple who love to garden. Our duplex lawn is not that big, so they just do our lawn when they do theirs. We maintain a good relationship with that neighbor and show our gratitude every year by giving them gift certificates to their favorite restaurant. Win-win!

Agree with @Colleen F. At least stopping by to show appreciation (and curiosity) is just the right thing to do. 

And like @Marcia Maynard points out, a small token of appreciation (gift card) goes a long way to maintain the relationship. Plus you have a neighbor looking out closely for your property now that can alert you of anything odd going on. Absolutely win-win.