Propert insurance and management in South FL

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Hello all, my name is Carlos, from Argentina. I am purchasing 1 or 2 investment properties in South FL (DADE - Broward counties), they will be SFHs to be rented. I have a few properties pre selected, will define within days.

I would like if experienced investors in that area could point me to proven Property Managers, good, honest and inexpensive. 

I will also need to insure the properties, so references to agents in the area who could give me advice on the reight policy will be welcome too.

Thanks in advance,


Afternoon Carlos, I am an Independent insurance agent with over 10+ years experience. I have clients with SFH rentals as well as multifamily. I also am closing on my first multi family this month in Broward. Any questions regarding DP3 policies for rentals or other coverage types happy to offer any help I can.