Should I give a rent credit for broken AC w/ window unit provided

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The central AC in our rental went out, tenant notified us, within 2 hours we had 2 window units placed since it was after hours. The next day our technician attempted to fix it, but unfortunately with no success. We need a new unit, it is old. This was on a Saturday. Monday our technician gave us a price and said he could replace on Thursday. Our tenants have been really good, always pay on time, rarely call with issues.  Would it be good business to offer rent credit even though we have done everything possible to remedy this situation in a timely manner?

I think you did everything within reason. Once the central air is fixed, remove the window units and keep for future emergencies. If the house was not livable, then I would give them credit.

Did they ask for a credit? If not, I might give them a $25-50 gift card for a restaurant or something. You shouldn’t feel obligated to give them anything since you did what you could as quickly as possible, but since they’re a good tenant showing a little appreciation for their understanding might be nice.