How to create invoice to get deposit?

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Tenant's dog urinated in the garage and sweep into the cement. Now I have to clean up and repaint the garage to get rid of the smell. How do I create invoice to bill tenant deposit money if I do it myself rather hire someone to paint it?

I would get a quote from a pro for the work and then use that to create an invoice in word that mirrors their invoice and price.

As @Wayne Brooks mentioned, most states don’t allow a landlord to charge their time when dealing with security deposits.

You can bill them for the bleach, paint, rollers, etc, but not your time. That’s why many landlords will just hire a handyman, painter, or cleaning service to do the work - then it’s billable against the security deposit.

Hire the service. @Wayne Brooks and @Mike McCarthy are right in that most states don't allow you to charge your labor, because that's you investing in your own property. 

Just hire a handyman, painter, or friend to do it and provide a legitimate invoice. It's not worth the hassle to defend yourself if they question an invoice from you, where they may not from a contractor.

Also, you may instead want to look at enzyme based concrete treatments over paint. They can neutralize what has seeped into the concrete without paint, which will require future upkeep.