Tenants having problems with each other - best way to respond?

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Hi there,

I have a four unit building. The top unit has 2 tenants who moved in in April. Below them are 2 tenants who moved in last October. Top Tenants complained last month that Bottom Tenants are putting their trash in her trash bins. Bins are labeled for each unit. I responded that it's her responsibility to speak to the bottom tenants about that.

Top Tenants contacted me about a separate issue today, and reiterated that they're having a problem with Bottom Tenants filling their trash bin and she she isn't comfortable talking to them because they have had another issue with them  about parking (I don't know about that). 

My policy is not to get involved in these disputes. I was clear last time I responded. But I want to make sure I'm on right ground not getting involved. Any advice on how to reply?

Invest in a market where you don’t have to put up with this crap. Instruct all tenants that since they are adults you require them to act like it. Who complains over garbages? Unless you’re Dr Phil undercover, let them know that only complaints which are examples of lease breach (with proof) will be addressed. And don’t make any assumptions about who’s in the wrong here either. Just as likely that the complainant is a high maintenance basket case as the other guys being pigs overproducing garbage.

Provide education wrt what goes in the trash vs. Recycle etc and also provide a tenant handbook containing how you require they address interpersonal issues.

Explaining this upfront generally eliminates the high maintenance applicants. I have this stuff right in my ad lots of times. “Able to act like an adult and treat others with respect? This place might be for you!! Can’t live with the odd annoyance of having to share a yard and garbage bins? You may want to look for a single unit!” Or whatever