Inherited Tenant Owes back rent to property owner

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Hi All,

I am a property manager who recently took over managing several rentals for a property owner in Oregon. One of the tenants has lived in a rental for over 10 years and been behind on rent for the last 8 years and owes the property owner over $40K in back rent. 

Since I have taken over management of the property, the tenant has paid rent on time every month. The property owner wants me to attempt to collect the back rent, but I am not sure on the best route to take. Any advice for how to best handle this situation? 

@Travis L.

This is not your problem. You are to start collecting rent from that tenant the DAY the property owner signed a contract with you, not to be someone's bill collector and demanding back rent. That is the property owners issue not yours. Even if you take it upon yourself to try, what makes you think you can successfully get over $40K in back rent from a tenant? Some landlords can't even get 3months worth of back rent let alone 8 years.

Tell that property owner that is not your responsibility.

Wow that has got to be the record for worst landlord ever (person you’re buying from)

I'd like to know why he's so concerned about the back rent now but didn't care for 8 years. lol You're job is to worry about now and the future. Anything before you took over isn't your responsibility. 

What was your agreement with the landlord? If a tenant was transfered to you say 6 months behind on rent and they paid two months but they were still behind 4 would you as an experienced property manager reccommend to keep them? would you start eviction? To me that tenant is still behind on rent and needs to go. did the landlord let them get so far behind or another PM ? If the landlord did, did they make some other payment aggreement then the lease? In the end if this landlord is going to try to collect they probably need legal advice since they let it go so long. Also someone needs to explain to the tenant they are still behind on rent. You need to talk to the owner about what there position is on this tenant. Are they going to evict?