Digital Signatures (submitting and receiving tenant verification)

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Hello Beautiful People of BP,

So I receive applications online and I have a lengthy disclaimer at the end where the applicant types their name as a digital signature to accept that I have the right to verify any info provided, contact landlords, etc. So far, there hasn't been any push back from past landlords when I provide this.

Today, I received a request for tenant verification that really didn't show much and I was only told they submitted the application online. Now, I want to help others within our LL community, but we also know how litigious our society is so I do have some reservations to just give out that info to someone I don't actually know. 

So while I do a digital application/signature, it is hard to know whether any form I received was legitimate. And for the record, so would a form that contained a manual signature...anything can be easily faked/forged. 

So I ask you, how tight are you in accepting digital signatures? And what should we require of each other in these situations? Should we all require something like DocuSign? That seems a little extreme to me, but I'd love your opinion.

Thanks in advance


Copy of id, credit report, and application.  For other landlords, confirm the dates they rented and probably leave it at that unless there was an eviction.