Insurance on a seller finance apartment property

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Does anyone know of a insurance company that will write a policy on a apartment property without a four point inspection. Buyer needs a policy that will protect the seller in case of fire or flood and I don't know what else. Just getting into it. Trying to close and don't want to wait for a four point inspection. 

@Alex Williams I have never been required to get any kind of inspection before getting an insurance policy. I can call my agent and get a policy same day. Now I have received an cancellation letter after they have sent someone to drive by the property and see something not to their liking. They are essentially giving me 30 days to fix what ever is in the letter and notify them that these have been taken care of. It could be that limbs are too close to the house and need to be trimmed, roof shingles are old and need to be replaced etc.

Maybe this 4 point inspection is a FL thing?