New Landlord Looking for Landlord / Tenant Advise

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I am a new landlord in Los Angeles as of little over year ago. Not new to the renting or some of the legal terms from prior issues when i was renting over 20 years.  I have a tenant trying to break his lease in terms of the security camera in plan visible site in common area/ kitchen living room,  was not disclosed on the lease. It was disclosed that the security system was on the house though. I want to know if this is possible to do and is a  breach of privacy if the house is noted on the lease that landlord lives there as well. 

Any advise from legal would be greatly appreciated. 

I'm not legal but would think that should have been something disclosed that he initialed on the lease that he was made aware of.  Try asking an attorney but if it gets too questionable just allow him to leave and make sure future tenants sign the disclosure mentioning it.

When most people hear security system I imagine they think outside camera, window and door motion detectors, etc.  Since you are videoing inside the house that's a whole different story and fairly intrusive in my opinion.  I would list the specifics of your security system and have a tenant initial each part.

@Kyle Huber I think the advice you are looking for should come from your attorney.  It is very specific to your situation and has large ramifications.  That being said in my opinion a camera in a tenants living room and kitchen is something that should have been disclosed and sounds like a legitimate reason to break a lease.