What to do when tenants end up splitting up?

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I am currently renting out a property to an unmarried couple and I just recently found out they broke up and he decided to leave the property and cancel the services he was paying for. They're under a two year contract and so far they've been there one year. She is still living in the property and paying rent but they're both showing interest in signing a new contract to live at the property individually. What's the cleanest way to go about this without breaking any legal requirements?

Can both of them qualify for the place alone under your guidelines? Don't change your guidelines to make it fit. If they cannot, tell them they cannot and that they are both still responsible for the rent. However, I would also work with them in obtaining a new tenant, while letting them know they are responsible until new tenant could move in. If they can both qualify, but neither one will back down, then they will both have to leave. If only one qualifies, you'll have to convince the non-qualifier to walk away, with no financial repercussions. No matter what, the current lease as you know it will have to be shredded and a solution will have to be found. Whatever you do, do it all in writing. Some may tell you that it is their responsibility and don't get in the middle. I disagree, because they live in your property so you are already in the middle. If you don't get involved there's a good chance you will start missing rent payments on time.