Potential tenant may have submitted fake employment letter

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I have a potential tenant applied for my room for rent. She disclosed to me that she has bad credit due to her past (unknown, didn't tell me more about it), only been at her current job for 6 months, and submitted 2 e-mail references from current supervisor and previous supervisor. The e-mails do not look legitimate to me. One of the supervisor's e-mail is actually a yahoo e-mail and the other e-mail doesn't have an official supervisor signature and company name at the bottom of the e-mail. 

She has expressed it a few times that she's really interested in my room, however, my gut is telling me to not go with this one because of these circumstances. Should I move on to another candidate?

@Account Closed

I know, she seems nice, and it looks like a good fit, but...it's a bad idea. This person is going to be in your home. Do you really want someone who would forge an employment reference as a roomie? Who are you going to suspect when your booze tastes watered down or half the cake you left in the fridge goes missing? When she denies sneaking your vodka or indulging her midnight chocolate cravings, the first thing you're going to think about will be the lies she told to get into the room.

Who here is going to tell you that if your gut instinct is not to rent to her you should ignore that feeling and rent to her anyways?  This is a common sense issue.  If you lack common sense you should not become a landlord.