Bronx Tenant Eviction - Order to show clause

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Hello everyone, I have a property that I rent out in the Bronx where I am in the process of evicting a tenant

I received an order/judgement from the court for obtaining possession on 8/10/18 (outcome of filing a holdover case). I recently heard that the tenant can file for an order to show cause for an extension (even after the vacating date of 8/10/18 date). How do I find out if the tenant has done that? Wondering if anyone has experienced this or has any words of advice.

Looking forward to get some feedback. Thanks all!!

Hi Raza. I'm sorry I don't have feedback for your post but I want to evict my tenant as well. I purchased a 2 family home last year and decided to rent to a section 8 tenant. She is not terrible but she just doesn't follow the rules at all. She's had her sister (claims that's her sister) staying over 2 months now. I called housing authority and they claim it has to be at least 4-6 months for them to consider it serious. She set up a washing machine to the pipes in the kitchen. I made the mistake of not covering the pipes with a wall. I just covered them with some metal plugs.I told her to remove it. She hasn't. I asked my lawyer. He said to just charge her for the usage of the washing. It's been 8 months and still no payment. She said her lawyer will contact me regarding the machine. Long story short. This lady was working when I screened her. A month later. She quit. Was paying 500 out of her pocket. Claimed some back injury where she can't work anymore and can't lift more than 5lbs. (Hence why washing machine is necessary). She only pays 200 now  My lawyer suggested wait till the lease ends and do a holdover case. i don't live there. But I'm at the point I'm willing to move into that apartment.   My main question is... Her lease is up end of Sept. Even if it takes 1 year to get her to move.. will section 8 keep paying their part at least? My lawyer claims. That as far as money goes. I don't have to worry about sec 8 portion.  Did you still receive their portion of it? Plz confirm.  P.s. the reason we didn't take her to court for the washing machine is because it would have cost me 2k and then when she loses, the judge will tell her she has 10 days to remove it or face eviction. So it wasn't worth it.  Any thoughts? She has always paid her portion on time. But she's just trouble. Everything is " I wasn't aware. I didn't know. You never told me. Oh well. It's like she's a smart mouth and can never be wrong". I know it's going to get worse.. thank you and sorry for all the writing.