Move-out inspection when tenant vacates before lease ends

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My tenant notified me that he's moving to another state on 9/2018.  I'm in Virginia and the lease ends  3/31/2019.  He's been a good tenant, pays on time for several years, etc.

My CL lease requires and my tenant reaffirmed that he would continue to pay rent until a new tenant is found at which point my broker would send tenant a lease amendment with early termination terms.  He will be moving out in the middle of September. 

Any thoughts on when to conduct the move-out inspection? Tenant will be vacating the property but his lease will not end until a new tenant is found.  

Conducting a move-out inspection triggers a series of time sensitive events which ultimately results in the return of the security deposit.

My thought was to refer my tenant to the Move-Out instructions outlined in the lease (switching utilities, cleaning, having gutter cleaned, etc).  This way he can get the requirements done while he's still in the state.  

However, I would wait until after I have a new tenant and my current tenant's lease is amended to conduct the Move-Out Inspection.  

Would love any insight veterans can offer for this and anticipated issues related to when a tenant vacates the property prior to the end of the lease term.

I think the best option is to do the inspection while he is still there and when he turns in the keys the next thing that should be done is change the locks, at which point you should have a pretty good idea that any damage was not his fault.  Or you could try holding him responsible for potential damages of others but I wouldn't recommend that.