Transferring the utilities to tenant.

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Hello, I emailed the instructions for utility subscriptions to my tenant a days before their move in date. The guy has replied all of my emails except this one. How can I politely make it clear that they need to sign up ASAP? 

Arrange with each service for the utilities to come out of your name the day before the tenant (s)get keys and take possession. If the utilities are in your name on the day Tenant takes possession then you will have difficulty getting the issue resolved.

You’ve sent notice and instructions and by having it out of your name on day of possession, it becomes your tenants problem and not yours . Tenants really don’t want to be responding to every single communication and you’ve given notice .

why will I have a big problem. I am trying to be nice and don´t mind if they do ita couple of days later after they move in. I just dont want to have to ask the water company to shot the water before they sign up.