PA Landlording - Sign new lease? Old landlords lease apply?

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Hi BPers,

I have two questions related to a property I own in PA, which I'd really appreciate some input on:

1) The tenant signed a lease with the prior owner (who I bought the place from). The lease expired 2 years ago, but I have a copy, and I think it switches to month-to-month. Do the terms of the lease automatically apply with me, or not because my name isn't on the lease?

2) Assuming the tenant in on a month-to-month, she told me that she intends to move in October. I ideally want her to stay another year and move out in a warmer month. Do I have any options here? If so, what are they?


When you purchase a property, the contract transfers with it. However, you should generate a new contract as soon as the original terminated. If it was already on a month-to-month basis then I would argue that you should have replaced it as soon as the first 30-day period was up.

Since it is time for renewal, tell the tenant she can sign a one-year lease or stay on a month-to-month at a higher rate. I usually charge 20 - 25% more for a month-to-month extension to offset the potential vacancy during the slow season.

This is your rental and your business. Don't let the tenant dictate the terms.