Landlord Cleaning Fee

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So I had an ant problem in my unit while livening there and the landlord sprayed a chemical on the countertops to combat them after the store bought stuff I was using wasn’t cutting it. He told me to let it dry and wipe it up when dried. When it dried it left a film on the countertop and though I wiped the countertops multiple times before move out and during move out he still charged me a $50 cleaning fee because he had to get someone to scrape up, literally with a plastic paint scraper, the film off the counter. Now I didn’t spray that stuff, he did and I’m wondering was it justified for him taking some of my security deposit to clean that. 

@Mia Thorn probably not justified UNLESS: 1) He asked you to clean up before it dried or during a specific time period and if not doing so made it harden even more or 2) he used your cleaning fee for something else that was left dirty in the rental after you move out. Hope this helps.

As @Alex R. suggested, he could've used your cleaning fee for something else that he had to clean. I would ask your landlord for documentation of what he used your security deposit for in full. Depending on your state's landlord-tenant laws, you could be able to fight the deduction from your security deposit if it wasn't properly documented.

@Katie Stewart He did send us a document and he said he took the money out because of the bug spray. I called him and he said it was a cleaning fee. He even said he saw my roommate cleaning in there when he was doing  the “walk through.” And he said the place was clean when he came back so why would we no clean the countertops if the rest of the home was clean?