Illegal dumping at my Multi unit dumpster.

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I keep getting citations from the city for people illegally dumping near my dumpster on one of my Multi units.  These people don’t even leave their junk into my dumpster and just leave it right next to it making my property unsightly and even unsafe.  What are some of the interventions you have done to prevent this?  

We had this issue at a MOB in a somewhat rural area.  Not only were they dumping, they were going through the dumpster, and throwing stuff out.  (What, did they think the doctors threw drugs in there???)  Cameras did no good.  Final solution was fencing around the dumpster, with locks on the gate and locks on the dumpster.  Tenants didn't like it, but they liked the mess a lot less.

@Dennis M. and @Terre B.  Thanks for the feedback.  I am getting my PM to price out for a fence too because my dumpster is ugly and I think it will look better.  I think a sign that says “Smile, you are on Camera” will get people to think twice about what they do around this dumpster.