Rental property appreciation

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Posting for the first time. I bought a rehab recently with the intention to do a cash refi in about 6 months to 9 months. My question is how does one look up the appreciation on a property? Is there a website I can refer to?

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@Mike Pat there is no website that will give you the value of your property. It'll take some research by you or a real estate agent. You'll have to find comparable sold properties in order to get an idea of what its worth

To find out what your property is worth after repairs look at Zillow and filter to the recent sold properties. Find some properties close by, maybe on same street if possible. Then see what they sold for. To get even closer at the value of yours find the average price per square foot of comparable properties and use that number times your square footage. That should get you pretty close. Keep this number in mind so that you don't over improve your property for the area. Keep in mind your profit, holding costs, realtor fees, closing costs etc when analyzing the numbers.