Bagster Waste Management In Philadelphia

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Hi BP,

Has anyone used "Bagster" by Waste Management in Philadelphia? I have to do a clean out, not enough material to justify a dumpster and permit costs. I can't find great info about the legality of Bagster. It looks like WM has a 3 day window to pick this up, so it may sit out, and get over filled by neighbors. This is a high traffic and main street. I'm wondering if I can put it on the sidewalk legally. 

This is a row home, zoned commercial, on Market St. Very high traffic by foot and car and police. I want to make sure I do the right thing.

Thanks in advance!


Someone a couple blocks away from me had one that sat out and it was pretty annoying. Quickly filled up with other peoples trash and dog poop bags on top of the construction debris. I was thinking about reporting it, but then it was gone and I didn't think about it until not. Not sure about the legality, but based on what I know it's not legal, just depends on if anyone reports you.

I’ve seen them around, but I can’t comment on the legality. I typically use a junk pickup service like Got Junk, JDog, or similar. I stack things inside, then they’ll come with a truck, fill it up, and make it go away. It works out really well and easily. Probably a few dollars more than a dumpster, but no hassle and they do most of the work.

I used them to fill scrap sheet rock. A lot! I was surprised I didn’t go over the limit. They picked up on time- good experience.

A lot of folks in area towns use them and forgo the permit fee that a dumpster requires.