San Diego Residential (1-4 unit) Landlords Meetup

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Hello Greater San Diego BP Community,

I am thinking of having a local San Diego County Residential (1-4 unit) Landlords get together for those of us who self manage locally.  It could potentially be a great platform for all of us to share best practices or pain points that we inevitably deal with as a landlords, but why deal with it alone?  We can help each other in an informal setting on lessons learned or items such as the following to name a few:

- Tenants not paying rent on time or at all

- Tenant screening

- Contractor suggestions for upgrade/remodel

- Upgrades to increase rents

- Leasing

- Maintenance issues

- Other...

If you are at all interested please let me know so I can try to put something together, if not, no worries and have a wonderful day!



@Casey Murray great! Yes hopefully a bit more traction, I would think there would be a lot more interest here in San Diego. Then again, most landlords here are probably not on BP.

I'd like to try and make it, pending scheduling. I'm self managing a 4 unit and SFR in SD County.

@Tim G. sounds great thanks for the reply/interest. I’m managing a few SFRs and working on the 4 unit acquisition. Looking forward to meeting.