Property investing with student debt

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I am new to property investing. I would like to invest in rental property but I have about 90,000 in student loan debt. Should I pay this down before investing? I do have good credit and good paying job.

I thought about this as well, but I’m tired of reading about real estate, I’m ready to do it! So I’ve decided as soon as I move back to the states, I am looking for my first investment property. I have to live somewhere anyway, so I might as well try househacking while keeping my day job to pay for my student loan. I’ve started prepping now by reducing my expenses to the bare bone, paying off small bills, and saving cash. Worse case scenario: I end up in a multifamily property and have to pay on the monthly mortgage (but it’s money going towards something I own instead of to someone else). Best case scenario: I live rent free with extra cash flow to pay towards my student loans. But I’m just a newbie with a higher risk tolerance than the average person, so take what I say with a grain of salt! Just ask yourself what would make you happier 5 years from now: being debt free with no properties or making extra payments on your student loans with a cash flowing rental property?