File for Eviction? Expensive to file, if tenant ends up paying

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This is an inherited tenant. Their rent is under market by $125 or so. They had trouble at the beginning paying on time, but slowly improved and always ended up paying the late fee.

This month they sent a check that bounced, but the bank took forever to let me know. I sent a notice to vacate right away and they signed for it, so I can now file to evict. They said they sent payment in the mail but it should have gotten here by now. They keep saying they want to do Cozy but don't know how.

The question is, do I go ahead and file to evict? It costs $200, and if they do end up paying august rent later, I'm out $200. Or, maybe I only let them back into the lease if they pay the $200 with the unpaid rent?

I'm just unclear on what the process is supposed to be here.

Yes, start the eviction process. If tenant wants to pay and stay, they need to pay everything owed including late fees, non-sufficient fund charges from the bank, and the eviction filing costs.

You can stop issues like this by only accepting certified funds after the rent is late. My policy is that rent is due on the 1st. If they pay after the 1st, they have to pay with a money order, cashier's check, or direct deposit. I won't allow personal checks because it can take up to 10 days before I find out the check bounced.

When I hit a tenant with a 3-day Pay or Quit, I serve it through the Sheriff and it costs $50. I charge that $50 to the tenant and they have to reimburse me or I continue with the eviction process. When I file for the forcible entry and detainer, it costs $90 and I charge that to the tenant. Any time the tenant costs me money, I charge that to them and they have to pay it to get back on track. No exceptions.

Well there you have it. I'll file for eviction.

The problem is this is 45 minutes from me, so I need to find a rep to file for eviction for me.