Document to avoid Squatters

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I have been hearing about squaters and how they can mess things up for a landlord/owner. How can we prevent that or how has someone successfully got them out of their homes? Someone mentioned creating a notarized doc stating that after 30 days If the rent isnt paid I‘m allowed to toss their belongings out and kick them out...both of us sign and notarize it...can they still squat?

Whoever told you that is an absolutely clueless idiot. You can’t circumvent the law with an agreement, no matter what. 

Oh, but wait a minute, if it’s notarized.....that changes everything!

This is going to sound snarky, but I am being sincere.

Buy rentals outside of California.

Might as well put in the document that the squatter must mow the grass and wash your car every week too. You think a squatter cares about the legal system the document or the property ??? . These are lowlife grifters who do nothing by the book . No wording on a document is going to affect them from stealing services