Tenant screening websties

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Can anyone give me opinions on the tenant screening website they use?

I use tenantreports.com and I've been happy with it. $25 for an application to run credit and background checks. I get them back same day and the tenant can log in to pay their own application fee.

I have someone telling me I should be using tenant data which is $45 for credit and background check 

Aren't they all the same reports? Or should I be switching?

Also interested in any other website suggestions

@Ryann Kluthe

I used mysmartmove.com that was endorsed here by Josh Dorkin of BP. I liked it, pretty much the same criterion that your website uses. I haven't used tenantreports.com to give you a good comparison. To me, as long as you are getting their FICO score (Not the Vantage score b/s that they are promoting), criminal and eviction history, you are pretty much set. What I do love about mysmartmove.com is that they also give you how much more the potential tenant earn than the rent you are charging, so if they are only making 1.5x more than your rent, you can say no.