yard maintenance for SFH rent

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I have SFH to rent out. I found after the tenant move out, the yard is very messy. I hire PM manage the SFH, but I always need to clean the yard after the previous tenant moves out. If I did not clean it up, PM will be very slow to have their contractor to clean, and will charge me. This really slow down to find next tenant. any advice? my PM company does charge pretty low commission fee. 5%, they do not charge extra fee to find new tenant.

Ed nailed it! I'd make sure you have something in writing so when someone moves out you can deduct a portion of the security deposit. If they started the lease with a clean property they shouldn't be able to leave it a mess and not get charged. Time is money!

When we have tenants moving out, we make sure to provide them with Move Out Instructions, so they know exactly what is expected regarding the condition in which the property should be left. Among other things, the instructions include having the lawn properly trimmed and mowed, and cleaning out garden beds. That way, you can help ensure you are on the same page regarding what things constitute normal wear and tear, and what things will necessitate  a security deposit deduction.