When should I let tenant know that I am not offering a renewal...

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Hello BP,

My tenants lease is expiring on November 1, 2018. I do not want to sign a new lease with them but rather go on a month-to-month agreement since I will eventually be ending my tenancy with them early 2019 (March, April, etc).

I do not want to give them too much information, just the fact that I am not sending a renewal lease and will be going month to month instead.

When would be the best time to communicate this to them? Now or closer to the end date?

What does your lease state? Mine specifically states a 60 day notice must be given by either party. Does your current lease simply allow a MTM after the expiration of this lease? Personally, I would tell them asap no matter what. Just tell them MTM allows for both parties to have more options and freedom in the future. 

Simply send out your notice as required by your state landlord tenant regulations. Most regulations will state that a term lease automatically becomes M2M when it ends.

I am guessing it did not expire November 1st. as you state, maybe Oct. 1st. If so let them know immediately or before the end of the month prior to when it ends.

It is dependant on your regulations.


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Sorry got my months all turned around. I thought we were in November already, wishful thinking I guess or most likely seniors moment.