Is Staging a rental ever recommended

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I have a rental and it is with a property manager. It has set empty for months now. I never staged a rental, but I’m considering doing that. If someone has staged a rental please advise as to what would be cost effective and be the biggest bang for the buck. 


I don't typically stage rental properties but do sometimes stage homes I have for sale. If it is your rental home and you are struggling to get activity, consider staging and having professional pictures taken. This way you can get the best pictures and use them over and over each time it needs rented. For low cost staging I typically buy a few items at TJ Maxx or Home Goods. You can get some good items very inexpensively. You can use Air Mattresses for pictures with Beds, this always help show spacing. 

If your property isn't renting, it may be the marketing that your property manager is doing, or it is priced too high. Every month it sets vacant you could have had a lower monthly price and made more in the long run. 

Good Luck! Thanks Aaron