Out of area landlording need challenge. Help wanted.

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I have a property in another state a long distance from me.  The property manager has not filled the property in approximately 4 months. She seems to be busy filling other properties and managing higher end short term rentals. I have a property next to subject property that is renting for $895. monthly and it has been Filled with the same folks for 10 years. The two properties are almost twins with basically the same layout size and such. The property manager had me to go all the ways down to $695. And still has not filled it. The house has new paint, lights and floors. The market has dropped in the area some so selling it would not make sense in my mind. My fear is if I Lower what I can take a month then my other tenants next door will want me to lower thier payment a lot lower as well if they find out.

I even thought about doing an Airbnb on it, but would need someone to manage it.

I would have a very frank conversation with your PM. If there are other properties renting in the area, there is no reason for a 4 month vacancy. Especially if it's in good condition and priced competitively (which it sounds like it is). Find out how many showings/inquiries she has had and the feedback she's received on why showings aren't leading to applications. Ask how it's being advertised and look online to see if you can find the ads. If it's not on Zillow it needs to be. How do your pics look compared to the other properties in the area? Maybe do a "secret shop" and have a friend or family member call and inquire on the property to see if the PM is easy to get in contact with and set up showings.