Breaking the Tenant Screening Standards

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Tenant Screening Standards:

  • No previous eviction-
  • 3x income to rent
  • Clean background
  • Good reference

Hi Everyone,

On Biggerpockets these 4 standards for the tenant screening process have been repeated time and time again. I have not yet seen anyone talk about being stricter or being more relaxed with then. So I'm here to ask just that question.

1. For anyone who has screened a tenant and seen the outcome, where would you bend the rules to get a tenant in the house?

2. In what circumstances would you be stricter with the rules?

3. What are some of your rules or standards that you abide by to get the best tenants?

4. Have these rules and standards ever failed you? what were the circumstances around it? Do you think you could have avoided it?

If you answer with a scenario, please give the type of property, type of neighborhood and any other details you feel would be important.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and comment.

@Coty C. I’ll go lower on credit scores but not on the things you listed. I’d lower rent before I compromised my screening standards