Managing Roommate Situations

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You folks that have student rentals or roommate situations, how do you manage? For a SFR. There’s no one on a master lease so their each only responsible for their rooms but no one responsible for the rest of the house. No PMs want to deal with multiple tenant situation. But I don’t want to rent out whole house because then I don’t have regular access and rental income is much less. What do you folks do?

"either keep this place clean or all of you are getting 30 days notice. I'll be back to check on Sunday."

I don't rent to college students but I would think there should be a "joint and several liability" clause that makes everyone 100% responsible for the entire property and the entire rent amount. Otherwise Johnny could be totally trashing his room and nobody would even care to report it because they have no responsibility.

Yes, and what of the common areas?  If everyone is only responsible for their own rooms, then no one is held accountable for the common areas. Is that "Joint and several liability" something on legal rental form documents?

Recently got out of the student rental business but yes lease did have a joint liability clause for common area wear and damage.  All renters got dirtygrams from landlord when common areas were found in less than desirable condition.   In the end i never had to jointly charge anyone for damages as one always admitted to the damage and we charged only that person. We did keep careful watch over the houses though. A lot less work doing regular rentals as we are only doing that now.  No interest in going back