Hello everyone,

Very nice to be part of this group. My name is Jing, and I am new to real estate investment. I am located in MI and would like to start my investment from MI. I am mainly interested in the Midland area where I live and the southeast area of MI. My plan is to hold the properties for long term for cash flow.

I am currently looking for single family homes that are under 100K with 2-4 bedrooms and at least 1.5 bedroom. My goal is to buy the properties with conventional financing, repair them to a rent ready condition if necessary, and hire a property manager to rent them out. My goal is to find properties that need work or are owned by motivated sellers that I can purchase for 80 cents on the dollar if possible.

I am looking for a real estate agent who

- has much experience with the locations and markets I am interested in.

-has rental properties of their own (preferably long-term holdings to gain cashflow and property appreciation).

-understands the investor's needs and concerns, and is motivated to address them for the investor.

-has build his/her own network in real estate investment to be able to connect myself with reliable lenders, property managers and contractors with incredible reputation.

-is willing and ready to build a long-term relationship with a highly motivated investor like myself.

I welcome any experienced rental property investors to add on to this list or to point out to me that my certain 'criteria' are not realistic. Agents, if you are interested to take me as a client, please message me through here.

Finally, I would like to thank the founders of this forum and social network for real estate investors. It is very very helpful!