owner occupant of a duplex/Triplex with professional renter

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I'm a owner occ of a duplex/Triplex in Mpls that has a tier 1 rental license for 2 rental units. I'm dealing with a professional renter in a city decided non conforming unit. Dealing with Ciry trying to qualify for an ADU on a 3rd floor unit that has been used before 1950(plaster walls and floors) extortion by tenancy. Anyone had success?

I recommend the latter, though the fluidity of offensive odors often complications removal to the point of fiscal irresponsibility.

Willing to talk- have gotten duplex convetted to triplex as it had been licensed as such for decades but had to do some renovation to qualify. ADU is best option but they are tightening requirements-connect and we can talk


     Sounds good.  It’s a messy situation that we are dealing with.  We’ve been Landlords for over 20 years and we’re being treated as slum lords.  The property in question has a 3rd floor that was finished before the 1950s since all the walls and ceilings are plaster etc.  would appreciate your input. We are in Uptown. If we could meet at Dunn Brother on 34th and Hennepin in the near future.  Nicholas