Is the neighborhood safe?

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Hi all,

I've had this question come up from prospective tenants (always from single women) a few times recently, and I'm curious as to how you would answer it.

I personally have no concerns about the neighborhood, but I'm a guy.   I worry how to answer this concern without creating some type of  culpability (it's NY, after all) or prefacing it with some disclaimer which sounds like there is something to hide.

What are your thoughts?

I just say

"New York State and the Federal Government prohibit me from discussing that topic in any way. I cannot tell you if there are 40 predators next door or Mary Poppins stops in every other day. Truth be told I should most likely report you for even asking me that question so that they can perform a full investigation into your motives and what kind of person you really are. So let's go look at how spacious the kitchen is!"

That kind of question comes up a lot.  My response, and the response of all owners should be, "well, the best thing you could is do an internet search about the statistics here".  

Almost anything else you might say (or fail to say) COULD end up coming back to bite.  We make no personal judgments, let the prospect do their own research and make their decision based on their studied considerations.