Fixing/Replacing Appliance for Tenant

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Hi BP Fourms folks,

Our tenant just informed us that the washer in their unit is "making a squeaking noise during the wash/agitation cycle and when spinning, it is rocking loudly. It sounds like when a load if off balance, but when I open the machine, the load seems evenly distributed".

The washer is our responsibility per the lease agreement.

My questions are:

1) Is this a problem that warrants immediate fixing/replacing of the washer or, given it still works, can I ask the tenant to live with it for now and if it continues or gets worse, we will replace/fix it.

2) If we do need to replace the washer, can I replace it with a used washer or should it be new? I'd ideally like to replace with a used unit to save on costs. 

This is my first real issue with a tenant as I am somewhat of a newbie.

Thanks in advance!

How old is the washer? Does it happen on every load? If so, I would call a repairman first, then look at replacing if it is old. 

You can probably look on Craiglist or something for a discounted washer in good condition if you don't want to buy new.

Its old given that particular brand isn't made anymore and GE now owns them. 

So buying used seems like its not taboo and okay to do, based on your opinion. 

Buying used is a great option. You can typically find some fairly new units in great condition for half the cost of new.