What's the avg. price for an eviction lawyer?

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What's your experience in evicting a tenant?  I'm out of state and weighing the pros/cons of taking care of the filings myself. My properties in Louisiana, so I'm not sure if it helps to adjust the cost of a lawyer to a region.  (e.g. New York vs. Louisiana)

  • How much on average did a lawyer cost you? 
  • Were you able to fax in the filings to initiate the proceedings?
  • From what I read your "agent" in court has to be a lawyer. Have you been able to be represented by someone other than a lawyer? I'm thinking of asking my RE to stand in.   

@Rema W. I can only tell you from my experience here in the Pittsburgh PA market. For an eviction it can cost $200-$500 at the magistrate level. If it goes to an appeal and to the county courthouse then you have to get legal representation. You are not allowed to have a property manager do it for you. That cost can be from $500-$2000 depending on how difficult the situation and if it goes beyond one appeal.