Renegotiating the PM agreement

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So now I'm up to 4 rentals and soon to close on the 5th and I was thinking about renegotiating my property management contract. I was thinking that they get paid the most when there is turnover, so has anyone been successful in crafting an agreement that rewards for: Tenant longevity Short vacancy Keeping repair costs down (I do want to address issues though) Dunno... Anyone doing a performance based compensation? How does it work? How successful has it been?
@Ayne C. Hard to leverage with 5 units unless they are a small operation. Good leasing up takes a long time but think of it this way before you negotiate. Whatever you propose ask yourself would you do it for someone else for that price. For example for my sister in law we charge a 10 percent monthly fee for a 4plex, no leaseup fees even though the renter gets charged a 200 admin fee so we are making 360 a month. We don't charge a fee if renter renews so we are setup that we have no motivation to put a bad renter in and late fees we split . Any repair we add 10 percent on to what our contractor charges because we get better pricing. If we have to get somebody last second that charges more then we don't add 10 percent. On the flip side she could probably get a lower monthly fee but they are motivated to find new tenants to make money on leaseups. Lastly, she does what we tell her. She keeps rent just below market so finding good tenants and keeping them are easy so everyone is happy. This is a long post, but my point is you have to give and take. If you want high rents then its more work to get those high rents and more leaseup fee and less likely to retain. Discuss with them a model where their job is easier and they win and you both will win.