Vinyl Siding a 3 unit Property

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Hello BP Community, 

I am going to see a property this weekend. I drove by and notice that the siding needs to be painted. I was talking with a contracter who said that your better off vinyl siding the property for less maintenance. I wanted your opinion on this matter, I am not sure what the best thing will be I can see that painting should be much less than vinyl siding due to the shear work needed. I watched my neighbor vinyl side his property and it took about 2-3 weeks to complete. I plan on using it as a rental property house hack then move out and have the cash flow raking in. Any thoughts?

@Raymond Hill It will cost a lot more to put up the vinyl siding but then it should hold color and hold up to weather well. I would say the decision depends on a quick cost analysis. 1) What is the current condition of the siding other than in need of paint? 2) What do other rental properties in the area have/how do they look? Will you be at a disadvantage to getting quality rents in because of the curb appeal? 3) Do the increased rents (if any) and the longevity of the vinyl out way the cost to paint the siding every 3 - 5 years and replace existing over the next 25 years (common guaranteed lifespan of vinyl siding). This will give you a good idea about when to replace.

Not knowing the answers to 1 and 2 my opinion is to wait until the current siding shows large scale signs of rot to make the switch.