Tenant suit against Landlord or HOA for HOA issues?

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Hi - I have a tenant who seems poised to sue based on “unfair” HOA fines and damages to our building that he agreed to pay for during a move. The fines are from properly noticed noise complaints. My question is whether he would sue the HOA or me and I’ve have to join the HOA in the suit or mediation if he follows up on his claim that the damage bill was too high or the noise level was not bad. Thanks for input!

I think you're wasting your time worrying about something that will probably never happen. Tenants threaten to sue all the time and it happens about 0.013% of the time.

If he is suing for HOA fines, his claim would be against the HOA. However, he could include you in the suit whether you bear responsibility or not. Again, why bother worrying about something that is unlikely to happen?