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This is my first post and I am so excited to find this community. I have a couple low priced homes ($30,000 or so) in the Baltimore, MD area. Any suggestions on resources targeted for serving as a landlord in this market or purchasing low cost homes? There are unique challenges and opportunities and I would like to learn as much as possible. 

Again, it is great to find a group of likeminded folks with similar interests.

Generally speaking the lower of the property the mower maintenance and caregiving to the tenants you will have to be

Why would provide lower maintenance to you asset?

@Portia Bates

Hi Portia.

Low-price, low-income C/D-class properties in places like Baltimore are a niche market, and there's not a lot out there to specifically help landlords like us. There's a lot to learn. Just one tip? Try to buy them in November/December for cash if you can. That's how the best deals have come down for us.

@Portia Bates You might try two books one called "Landlording" by Leigh Robinson and the Other is "The Section 8 Handbook"  Specifically in Baltimore you should go to the various clubs in the area and network with other landlords. I suggest @Mark Owens Friday lunches. A search here should find more details.

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