I'm looking for a paralegal in Atlanta, GA to help going to the Municipal Court of Atlanta and speak to the courthouse clerk for me. I'm an out of state investor and recently one of my tenants left trash on the front yard. My property manager quickly resolved the issue but unfortunately I got a citation as the result. I didn't get the citation notice or the court appearance notice. The only thing I got in the mail is now the Failure to Appear notice and warrant had been issued. I called the courthouse and they told me I Just need to find someone to represent me and speak to the courthouse clerk and pay some fines. I got quoted from an attorney in Atlanta, GA for over a thousand dollars (his min retainer is 5 hours). This is supposedly a simple matter to resolve and I want to see if anyone can recommend a paralegal who could help me with this since it could be more cost effective than hiring an attorney.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!