I am getting ready to rent a room from my house and I have this prospective tenant/roommate that is questioning the renters insurance clause I put on the lease agreement about having me, the Owner/Landlord, as an Additional Insured on his renters insurance policy. He apparently agrees on getting his renters insurance but not adding me as an Additional Insured. I called my insurance agent to see if I was wrong by asking for this but they tell me that I am asking for the correct thing, they tell me that if this tenant/roommate causes a damage to the house my insurance policy will not cover it, that is why he has to carry his own renters insurance and I need to be included as an additional insured.

Well I told this to the prospective roommate and he went to check with his agent and he tells me his agent does not recommend doing it, I am not sure if that is true or not but that's what he says. 

I went online looking for more information to see if my insurance agent might not have everything correct or if there are other options, I found that Landlords need to be included as Additional Interest and not Additional Insured. Can someone help with this matter, has anyone been in this situation before, any suggestions?

By the way on the lease agreement I put a $250,000 coverage requirement for the renters insurance and I based this on the value of my house which is approximately about that much, however I know that some apartments ask for $100k coverage, how much coverage should I be asking for? 

I would appreciate any feedback from anyone that has been in this position before or is familiar with how renters insurance works.