marajuana and grew plants indoor /nonsmoke clause how much charge

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2 Naturiopath Doctors leased a home from me for 18 months upon moving out we discovered black air filters, also they had large structures used to grow indoors a few times complaints about marajuana smell was noted in their files. They have a 2500 security and 500 pet fee deposit up. we have deducted cleaning fee from pet fee of 300. and 100 for a broke toilet seat (replacement cost of said)

After move out cleaning service noted Black air filters. Should we.

1)keep deposit and have vents in Ac system cleaned (A/c had to be replaced 3 months ago) and charge specifically for this cleaning and filters etc. (changing filters was in their lease as their respon ibility and NO Smoking) Also charge to have entire home repainted even if not seeing "film" left on cabinets or walls from pot smoke .

2)give back security minus small cleaning fee.?

Suggestions? this is in Florida .

1. Yes, you should hire a professional to clean and charge the tenant.

2. You should never, ever, ever deduct expenses from the deposit while the tenant is still living in the property. The deposit is your leverage to ensure the tenant upholds the lease. If there are damages during tenancy, they should pay for that out of pocket. DO NOT touch the deposit until the lease is terminated, the tenant is completely out, and the property is back in your control.

I agree with @Nathan G. . Have the tenants move out before touching their deposit. There are state laws explaining how to handle deposits. Refer to FL Chapter 83 part II. You have specific deadlines to meet and specific wording to follow when making claims against deposits.